Copy part from PCBeditor to Footprinteditor v8.0.1 gives unexpected result

if i copy a part the PCBeditor and past it into a new blank part in the Footprinteditor, some lines are disturbed.



Seems like a bug.

But note: while this worked in v7 this is not the official workflow to copy a footprint from the board layout into a new footprint. And I’m not sure if this was supposed to work this way.

The “official” workflow is:

  • doubleclick FP in board → FP properties dialog opens
  • click on “Edit FP” or “Edit FP in library” → FP library editor opens with this exact FP
    • use “Save As” to create a copy of that FP in any wanted library
    • or use “Copy/Paste FP” in the left library tree panel of the FP editor to create a new copy

There was a time when it wasn’t possible at all. Then it was implemented. Now it doesn’t work as it should, it’s a bug. I have reported this recently.

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thanks! i will do it that way