Copy layout to new project


Hi ,

How can I copy layout to other layout?


Open pcbnew as a standlone aplication, not fom the kicad launcher.

Then, select append board under the File menu.


I don’t understand, Could you elaborate on that? Thanks.


Normally “Append the board” option is going to be greyed out. (Can anybody explain why, BTW) To access this option you need to start your PCBNew editor not from the KiCad manager but as a stand alone program. In other words open your file explorer and then go to C:\Program Files\KiCad\bin and launch pcbnew.exe


Because it is considered a dangerous operation that violates some assumptions made by the developers.


ArtG has just answered your question.

If you append a board into pcbnew from the kicad launcher, all relations to the schematic and netlist will be broken. Or at least not found.


Box select and delete button is dangerous too. Why not disable those too?


Naturally you would have to rebuild your schematic using your netlist file with the “Reference” option selected. It would be up to you to make sure that the references of the appended board and your schematic match.


Different type of dangerous. The important part of my statement is the one regarding the assumptions made by the developers. (If you want more details head over to the mailing list. It has been discussed at length in the past.)

Edit: Found one of the more recent discussions about it. There wayne states that it is simply a case of not enough testing.


Ok, I Know. Thanks.:relaxed:


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