Copy Layout to new project?

There is one older thread with the exact same title and several similar, but none seem to answer the question. Maybe something new came up in the meantime.

I am designing a discrete (transistor based) CPU where the register structure consists of many repeating blocks. This picture shows four flipflops with a counter slice each:
2021-12-29 11_13_13-DiscCPU — PCB Editor
These are hierarchical designs using the repeat layout plugin. For example one building block I’d reuse many times would be an eight bit register, which are eight flipflops together with one clock driver block.
The CPU will consist of several projects, as it is too complex for a single board. So assume one project would be the ALU with three registers and a heap of combinatorial logic (which will be automatically generated, see an earlier post). How can I re-use this hand-optimized 8 bit register from a different project?
Currently, the only thing I can imagine is making a first project with all building blocks and then copying the entire project to a new one, adding additional functions. I guess this might work but is rather unflexible.
Is there a way to copy a hierarchical block - schematic including layout - from one project to another?

You should try Save/restore layout action plugin. If you reuse the same schematic sheet in different project you can copy paste the layout with this plugin. It is 5.1.x compatible only.

If 6.99 schematic python becomes available before I manage to port it to V6, I seriously doubt I’ll port it to V6, but will most likely just skip to 6.99

Looks great… however going back to V5 is not really attractive. Thanks A LOT for the replicate plugin!
It seems there are now three paths to watch: V5, V6 and V6.99… with the availability of V7 on the horizon (one could say) I could imagine many developers will work on the V6.99 dailybuilds directly instead of V6, particularly if they would benefit from the V7 schematic python API.

You can open 2 instances of KiCad and then simply copy and paste between those instances.

The Refdes values and the UUID’s of the footprints won’t match in the copy, so you have to fix that manually.

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