Copy component from a .lib file

I found a component (schematic symbol) that fits the one I was looking for. However I would like to make minor change on it. Thus, I would like to copy this component to a library I am developing during the current project I working on.

As I didn’t find a way to directly copy the component using the Part Library Editor, I tried to copy the lines which corresponds to the component in .lib and copy on my own library. However, the copied component doesn’t show on my library. Have I missed some step?

Problem partly solved.
I had to remove and add again the library on Preferences > Component Libraries.
It works but I thought it will be only necessary to modify the .lib file and everything will get updated.

Perhaps I’m missing something but why not load that symbol from the original library, modify and save it to your new library?

Maybe is a silly question, but is there a button for this? I am quite fresh in Kicad

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Yes, this is the way the interface works.
The current symbol being edited effectively serves as a clipboard.
That’s how you duplicate symbols. That’s how you copy across libraries.
I admit that this is not especially obvious.

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