Copper zone filling in 5.99 version

I can’t to fill zone by copper hatch, while in 5.1 i has remember that i had made it.
What is the new differences has the program now, may be i didn’t know about it’s new way to fill?
I had draw zone, allowed all,

after that filled zones
and nothing was happened, the zone still unhatched.

and more important thing – i had didn’t find the dialog, where i can propmpt, to which net the hatching be owned by - the gND, +5V or any other net? I remeber that in 5.1 it was, and i can’t find these dialogs the second day already. suggest please, where are they placed now?
and then had check all it’s rules

and nothing was happened, the zone still unhatched.

i had trying with the all checs in rules and with the no any checks, the same result - without hatching
may be somebody knows, where is my fault?

As you can see in the dialog title, it’s not a zone, it’s a rule area which was called keepout area in 5.1.

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but in zone area i didn’t find ‘copper’, i can fill it by forfward silkscreen layer, but not forward copper.
and i had place the zone area inside the rules area, and it’s the result

how to do?

an i had fill triangle by the cutout layer,
so i can fill any area by almost any layer, except copper.

how to do copper hatch?

  • Use the “Add A Filled Zone” tool
  • Select a net that a component will cross (important, if you have no via already or component that directly touches this zone, it will not fill/hatch, place vias or components first)
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You have used a completely different function in KiCad. A Rule Area is something different from a (Copper) Zone.

So use: PCB Editor / Place / Add Filled Zone. It is one entry above the Rule Area :slight_smile:


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succesfull now8_success