Copper layer not filling despite nothing being wrong?

It seems as if nothing I do is making the copper layer fill. I’ve checked a lot of videos and forum posts but I still don’t really know the issue. Sorry if it’s blaringly obvious but I’ve been stuck on this for a good while and new.

I think you are in outline mode.

I probably should’ve mentioned this before but im using version 5.1.4

And I think I had it on.

It is worth updating your Kicad then trying again. You are 20 updates/versions of Kicad behind. 7.0.0 will be released in about a week. You have almost missed Kicad 6 altogether.

On the other hand it’s worth checking a few basic things since it should work in 5.1, even at first release it has worked for me. Check that:

  • You are not displaying copper in outline mode
  • You selected the correct layer, say F.Cu or B.Cu
  • You clicked on the copper fill icon on the right bar, and clicked on a start position for the polygon it should ask you what net if any you want it be in
  • You drew a closed polygon
  • You should see the outline of the filled area with a boundary
  • In v5 it should fill right away, in v6 you have to type b

Also note that you have not completed the routing as indicated by ratsnest lines. If you fill before you complete routing you may not be able to route the remaining connections. So fill is normally done after routing.

Okay I’ve discovered the issue: I was not using the correct layer B. Cu

Thanks for helping out!


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