Copper fill spacing?


sorry if it’s a dumb question but I cant find a dumb obvious answer

where do I setup the copper fill spacing requirements ???

from one spot to the other, it looks really uneven to me

I feel like some spots should be filled while other spots are filled with less required space

thanks for your help

The fill is dependant on clearance settings - which can be set for the zone (in the zone dialogue), track (in the File->Board setup…) or an individual pad (press ‘e’ whilst hovering over the pad).

However, there must be a contiguous route for the fill to reach an area. You may have voids left in your layout if there is no way for the fill to reach that space. Try moving one of the vias that are just above the lower circled area - you will probably be able to get the area to fill. Alternatively, if you have GND plane on both sides of your boards, a few judiciously placed vias will stitch top and bottom planes together. What you don’t want is isolated islands of copper not tied to a net.

John_Pateman already gave some information, but there are so many details that generic explanations may feel abstract. In any specific case there may be several clearances and the minimum width which may affect filling, and sometimes even an experienced user may get confused with a problem, especially near pads.

If you give an example board file (reduced to minimum to show some example cases) we might be able to give detailed explanations which would help you to understand the system.

good idea, I’ll use the bottom ground plane and vias

john was right, some areas are just inaccessible to be linked to the ground

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There is an option called "Add Filled Zone" on the right of the KiCAD schematic screen, here we can set up design rules.

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