Copper fill not filling on inner layers of 4 layer board

I made a new 4 layer board and marked the edgecuts. Now I define zones on each layers, as all of them are GND, Only the top and bottom layer gets filled after the zone is created. The in between layers (2,3) are not getting filled.

They don’t get filled even if I do a force fill manually.

I have checked for silly errors like edge not being connected. Every corner is connected.

I need to point out that I have a previously created a board with all 4 layers being filled by using the zones.

I guess I am missing something in the zone settings, but the zone settings are identical for all 4 layers.

Does a track go into the zone?

Not yet, As soon as I draw a blank zone - I get copper fills on top and bottom layers. There are no tracks on any of the layers.

You need to put a piece of track into a zone with the same Net, then it fills.


I think that’s an artifact of the ‘remove unconnected’, which makes more sense on outer layers, but really kiCad PCB should be made smart enough to apply Thermals to that Connected check, and thus pour internal layers in an ‘as expected’ manner.

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