Copper Field Blues

For the last 3 hours I am struggling with copper fields. I have a copper field at the bottom which is already filled green. I then added another copper field for the top. In the attachment I purposely made it rather small. The “Copper Zone Properties” screen you see in the attachment is for this small copper field in the top left. For some reason it lists “Net-(Q1-Pad1)” and “Net-(Q2Pad2)” which is the MOSFET in the lower copper field. However, the list does not list the screw terminal where I put that copper field around connection/pin 1.

Also when I have my cursor on top of the upper copper field and hit key ‘B’ the lower copper field gets filled but the upper one stays empty. It seems like something is wired up incorrectly but I cannot see any trace that would connect one copper field to the other. I also regenerated my netlist in the schematics and reimported it in pcbnew selecting reference, change, delete, delete, delete. Also note that previously I had +12V and Earth in the schematics. I removed them there but even after reloading the netlist in pcbnew +12V and Earth still show up as an option to connect the copper field to. So something seems out of sync.

When zoomed in, you should see the net names in the traces and pads.
Those confirm what the database structure makes of the net info.

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PCB_Wiz, thank you. It turns out that some of the items listed were there because they still had some association in pcbnew despite the fact that I deleted them in schematics, exported the netlist and reimported the net list.
The other thing that threw me off is that I was looking for pad, e.g. U2/Pad1. Apparently, the list that is presented when adding a new copper field is based on tracks and not pads. Strangely, it always appeared that only pads that I didn’t want included were listed and the pads I wanted were not included. Maybe the naming of the tracks is based on from which pad you start and I always started from one side. Anyways, I FINALLY got it. Took long enough. Thanks for the helpful response.

It also helps tremendously to give semantically meaningful names for nets in the schematic editor.

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