Copper area with no net connection - yeah, I want to do that

Anyone have a way to create a geometrical shape from copper, with NO net connection, and have it fill?
I have read several threads on this and it appears the “experts” are arguing that you should never need to do this.
I am making a universal prototyping board, so I need an array of exposed copper pads. So in layout I want to be able to plop down these copper shapes, and drop solder mask on top of them, to make the un-connected pads.
So there.
I think I can do this by drawing traces, overlapping, to make a shape. But is there a way to draw the shape and have it fill in? It appears that the copper zone will not fill in unless it’s associated with, and connected to, a net.

I’m confused. I’m using stable and “” is the first option. If I forget to specify one it chides me about being sure I want to do that. I’ve never progressed past the chide so I don’t know what would happen if I don’t choose a net.

Formatting gets screwed up because of the brackets I see. :frowning: Insert “no net” in the " ".

Just tried this on an existing schematic and it filled. Are you using the ‘show filled’ option?

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Holy cow, I don’t get it. It is working now as you described. And I did try that, over and over, experimenting with properties, and not matter what I did, it would not fill. I wonder what could have changed? Anyway, thanks for straightening me out!

Hit the hotkey “b” and the zone will fill.

I don’t remember the mouse gestures.