Converting lines to tracks

A few weeks ago I had the need to convert a graphical layer to a copper layer, but couldn’t do it. The objects on the graphical layer were very simple (lines only - not even any arcs), but lots of them. I ended up redrawing it…

Perhaps there is a macro/script that will do this, but I could not find one.

Is there a reason why I can’t convert lines to tracks (and presumably vice-versa)?

Cheers, MM.

Can be done with Kicad 7.
Select a whole area using mouse (Hold left button down to form an area) or left click individual lines whilst holdig down Ctrl key.

When selection complete:
Right mouse click / Create from Selection / Create tracks from selection / then select layer from Pop-up.

The tracks now exist under the still showing graphic lines. Move or delete the graphic lines to see the tracks.

There is also a function for this in the Hot Key list in Preferences / Preferences in the PCB area.

There are a lot of features in the Right Mouse Click Select menu.

If you open: PCB Editor / View / Show Properties Manager in KiCad V7, then you can select graphic lines and change the layer. You can also change it to a copper layer:

You can also make a selection and then use: PCB Editor / Edit / Edit Text & Graphics Properties with the following settings:

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Thanks for the pointers. I was using v6 at the time, so it is great to see that it’s made it into 7.

The Edit Text and Graphics Properties is also in V6. It’s just the Properties Panel that is new in KiCad V7.

The way in V5 to have anything at Edge.Cuts in footprint was to draw it at one of user layers and then use Find/Replace in text editor. Footprint editor didn’t allowed to add anything at Edge.Cuts but accepted if anything were at that layer.
In past my footprint conception changed few times (regarding layers used for reference and value). Instead of opening each footprint and manually changing layers I used Notpead++ that allows to do that automatically not only in just opened file but in all (selected by mask) files at once.
I suppose (not sure) that what you needed you could in V6 done by replacing in PCB file one layer name with the other.

Hi @Piotr,
The OP wanted to convert a layer of graphic lines into copper tracks.
It seems there are at least two direct ways in Kicad 7 to do this without needing notepad or text editors.

I noticed it in previous posts, but I also noticed OPs sentence about using V6.

Yes, so did I.
Unfortunately he posted that information after both Paul and myself had replied.

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