Converting .art to DXF

I’m trying to figure out how to convery my .art files that indicate the drill holes sizes and location into a DXF one, up until now I’m unable to load the files to Kicad.

Is it possible to load .art files to kicad?
If not, is there a way to transform them into something acceptable?
How can I convert the drill holes location and size to a DXF file?


What is this “.art” file format, and what software has made it?

“art” is much to generic a name to give up useful info with a simple web search.

Is the format the same (or similar) to an exellon drill file?
If so, you may have success to open it with gerbview (Gerber viewer, part of KiCad project), then back-export it to a PCB, and make DXF output from it with Pcbnew.

Another route would be to write some script to do it. Especially if it is a simple text based format.

If it is just a list of coorninates, you may have some success in moding (a copy of) your file in a text editor, and makes something out of it that resembles HPGL. You may have to apply a scaling factor at a later stage.

.art is an allegro gerber.

If it’s a gerber file, then open in Gerbview and export to a PCB for further processing.

Or get a real Gerber Editor from an external source. KiCad only has a gerber viewer built in with limited capabilities. PCB manufacturers often use gerber editors to wreak havoc to the artwork you give them. It seems to be a common process.


Thanks, so I was able to import the .art file (allegro) successfully, most were imported into pcb_new successfully though some layers were shown but not imported correctly (causes kicad to crash in pcbnew.

From there i was able to use plot, though during plot and it seems to work.

one issue I’m experiencing is when I export to pcb_new, the shapes are changed to dots.

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