Convert polygon to pad

In KiCad 8 I have drawn the following pad for a microphone. I need to turn the ring around the 4 inner pads into pad 5. How do I do that?

First place an SMT pad on the ring. It must overlap with the lines, and it will become the attachment point for the PCB tracks. Then select the pad and press [Ctrl + E] twice. This enters and exits the pad edit mode. At the moment the pad edit mode is exited, graphics that overlaps with the pad will become a part of the pad.

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Awesome, it worked! Thanks @paulvdh.

In addition, there is some way to define the size and location of the pad number for the big pad, but I can’t remember details. I also searched for it for a few minutes but that did not help either. Maybe someone else will chime in with the solution to that part.

I can only remember it was something unintuitive :smiley:

EDIT: Post-v7 new features and development news - #33 by JeffYoung

EDIT2: It can’t get much more unintuitive than that… It’s a property of a graphic rectangle which overlaps a custom pad.

You can make that extremely unintuitive. :slight_smile:
After a search for “Number box”, I fount this other thread: Turn shapes into a pad - #5 by paulvdh and managed to do it after a bit of reading and experimenting.

  1. Enter the Pad Edit Mode.
  2. Draw a graphical rectangle.
  3. Make sure Footprint Editor / View / Show Properties manager is on.
  4. Make sure the rectangle is selected.
  5. In the Properties Manager, turn on the check box for Number Box.