Convert PCB to 3D model for footprint - how to do it correctly?

I have the antenna PCB and use it at another PCB so I’d like to have a 3D model of my antenna.
Previously I have designed the simple model in FC just looking as clear PCB, but as I have read that KiCadStepUp can read the tracks I just tried it to have the more realistic looking model.
After running from ksu the functions:

  • Load KiCad PCB Board and Parts
  • ksu tools Add Tracks

i got:

Then using ksu tools I rotated it Y 180° and shifted Z 0,5mm.
I know that I can load also footprint to see the right position but in this test I didn’t do it to make possible to show both antenna sides.
To do that (rotation and shift) I was asked to select something so I selected the one with yellow blocks.

After done that I don’t know why I had to select KiCadStepUp Workbench once more (it was automagically changed to Part WB.
After this the BR55A_A_cp (what that _cp means?) was selected:

so I supposed may be it is what should be selected to export what I have as 3D KiCad model so I run:

  • Export 3D model to KiCad

first saving the file (as was asked to do it) and then accepting all options. I got wrl and step files.
The problem is that when I add to footprint as 3D the wrl file it has no tracks at one side:

at other side (betwean PCBs) there are tracks (don’t show it but what for the next picture).
When I change the file to step the tracks are at both sides:

Should I do some more steps before exporting it to step and wrl?
I know that with PartDesign body to preserve colors I should use “Make a Union” before exporting.

When I first time (before weekend) tried to get this antenna as 3D I was trying to run through Make a Union but got some error (don’t remember) and got this picture without one side so supposed that it is by this error - may be Make Union is not good. I tried Make a Compound and got no errors but also get no tracks at one side. Then I found that without using any of this two functions I also get no errors and no tracks at one side so explained my steps without these tries of Making Union or Compound.

My main problem in FC now is probably that I don’t understand what is going on in tree view. Some new symbols appear, I select one do some function and it looks tree is extended and something else is suddenly selected.

My question is: What I should do to get the wrl file with tracks at both sides?

In my opinion it would be good if colors of PCB and tracks at PCB after loading PCB to FC would be the same as they are in KiCad 3D viewer.
Finding colors used in KiCad and using them in exporting wrl is my next task as my antenna looks completely different than main PCB and it is surprising at whole device PCB 3D view.

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I’ve got an idea that as I have step file with tracks at both sides then getting the wrl like that should be no harder then open that step file and export it once more as KiCad 3D model.
I wondered to myself why I came up with it only now. But I have tried and to my surprise I got wrl once more with tracks at only one side.

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