Convert PCB file to schematic?

I lost my .sch file due to I mistaken save the blank page of schematic page. But I have save the .pcb file. Is there a way to recover the schematic file thru .pcb file? Please help. Thank you.

Not directly, as the SCH has no idea where to run wires on a page.
but you can check you have a match, by exporting a netlist from the PCB*, and then comparing that with a new SCH generated netlist.
That new sch can be created manually from a reasonably recent PDF, or print, or backup you will of course, have on hand :wink:
I posted a script in another thread that does Net export from PCB

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Thank you for your reply. I have saved the correct net file. Is there a way to convert net file to .sch?

See the photo attached.

You still have a .sch-bak that is 38KB in size, that is the automatic backup of your schematic, rename it to .sch and try opening it, it may have all but the latest changes on it. Give it a try.


Well spotted.
Also rename that correct net file as a master, you can compare with what comes from the bak, so you can easily check what is different with a file compare.

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Yes, I did what you’ve describe. Thanks a lot. :slight_smile: I’ve recovered my files.

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