Convert local labels to globals

This is my first time using KiCAD, after having used other systems for many years. The one I used the most had names on all the wires, but they were always global in nature. I did not realize that there was a distinction between local and global when I started my design in KiCAD and now I have 5 pages, all with local labels, but expecting all labels with the same name to be connected. Does anyone know how to convert all the local labels to global labels instead of deleting each one and changing it to a global label?


Bob Bell

Easiest would be to edit the schematic in a text editor and replace “Label” with “GLabel”. Let us know if that works.

That sounds too simple. But, I’ll give it a try! I like easy fixes.

Is there an indication I could be looking for somewhere that would tell me for sure that, say, the A0 net on sheet 1 is now actually connected to and the same as the A0 net on sheet 2? In another system I used in the past, I could dump/display/print an ASCII netlist and there I would see all the components that every net was connected to. Then if , say, sheet 1 U1 pin 1 showed connected to sheet 2 U20 pin 4, and they were connected logically on my schematics, I could be sure they would be connected when I routed the board. Does KiCAD have a similar feature?

Thanks for your help!

So far, quirks aside, I am finding KiCAD to be just as capable as my old PCB EDA system that cost my employer at the time about $5000.

Bob Bell

You could check the netlist just like in your earlier workflow. Every file in Kicad is plain text, ASCII format (schematic, libraries, netlist, pcb). I would recommend taking backups of your work before you muck around.