Convert gschem to KiCAD?


I have some gschem .sch files, which are not the same as KiCAD .sch files! I’m trying to convert them to KiCAD without rebuilding them entirely, but I’ve looked around a bit and can’t find any automated way to do so. Seems like there should be existing software to do it since they’re both simple netlists and both from popular programs. Does anyone know how to convert schematics from gschem to KiCAD?

Thanks for helping!

The closest thing I know of is the fork of Upverter’s old schematic converter at

No guarantees on its accuracy.

When you have uploads allowed you might want to upload the file and an image of the schematic.

Kicad .sch is not just a netlist. It also describes the schematic symbols segments and pin properties in that file.

I think gEDA can save as KiCad.

Thanks for the ideas! I tried the Upconverter script, but I’m not getting it to run for some reason, so I probably won’t spend too much time trying to get it working.

I guess you are right that the .sch for KiCAD has more stuff in it, and sorry, I just can’t put up files for it since it’s for my lab.

Not sure about other gEDA programs, but gschem doesn’t have any export options outside the native format, though maybe board designs or something can export.

Therefore, I’ll give it another day or so and see if anything else comes up. If not…improvise.

Have you tried PCB-RND?

Give it a try.

I’ve tried ‘the others’ and ended up here. I think the community that has grown up around KiCAD is what truly sets it apart and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. KiCAD has reached a sort of critical mass and it will be hard for others to overtake it.

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Interesting, thanks to David_Briscoe for the suggestion. Kind of like for Seth_h above, I’m having an issue (this time some deal with the make being messed up), that it’s just not worth the time to look into it for what fairly simple schematics I have. For hermit, KiCAD does seem ok, though gschem is what I got from others. I’ll probably just go ahead and remake them, no problem! Thanks for the ideas.

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