Is it possible to convert ALTIUM to KICAD?

Strictly speaking Altium cannot be converted to KiCad. But some Altium schematics and layouts can be converted to KiCad version 6 files. It requires starting the schematic editor (eeschema) or the pcb editor (pcbnew) in standalone mode (on Windows directly from the Windows Start menu item) and using File → Import. If you have a project, you have to save the two files in the same folder and later open it as a KiCad project, then update the PCB from schematic using reference designators. This requires having matching reference designators in both schematic and pcb.


Thank you for your reply.

If you can only get your alttium project partially into KiCad, then

may have some pointers to fix issues.

Also, do you have much experience with altium?
I once looked at a project made in altium, and imported in KiCad. (worked quite well).
It was one of the Nucleo boards from the ST Microelectronics website.
I noticed that some of the fine pitch parts had their pads in an irregular spacing.
I am suspecting that Altium rounds coordinates to the nearest mill or something like that.
Is that so? Does altium always do that, or is it only in the Gerbers? or could it have been some setting in that project that was faulty?

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