Conversion from Eagle to KiCad

I have been using Eagle 4.something and I would like to try creating simple project in KiCad.
Does exist some tool for conversion schematics and PCB from Eagle to KiCad please?
I have several projects created in Eagle and I do not want to lose them if I will start to use the KiCad.
Thanks for your advise

KiCad 5 can import Eagle projects.

Only from the xml based file format. I think eagle 4 still uses the old binary format.

Yes, and I didn’t remember that!

Thanks for your information! Do you know please from which Eagle release is used xml based file format? I checked one of my simle project “AC relay for DC” and watched the “eagle.epf” file where is the list of Version, Platform, Serial, Globals and Desktop. Does anybody has experience with it please?

Version 6 and newer are xml based. (I converted eagle projects to kicad from eagle versions 6.5, 6.6 and 7.1)
I am not sure about version 5.

You can download the free version of Eagle. I think I checked this before. You can use it to convert to the new Eagle format.

Thank for your advices! I have the Eagle version 4.11 on my older PC and now I have newer one so I try to install free Eagle version. I copied all projects to my newer PC but I can not run the Eagle on it now. I am not sure how it will look like with multiply schema in one project. All projects which I created in Eagle have one PCB but some of them 2 or 3 schema. I try it and I will see.
Thanks for all.

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