Contributing to KiCad?

I have generated edge connector symbols and footprints for 3.96 pitch Amp Leaf connectors but I’m not sure how to contribute this. I imagine they will need some massaging to fit with contribution standards but need a little guidance. Should I just fork the repo and work through this in a PR or should I reach out to someone who understands this process and show what I have?


Make sure you adopt the KLC:

AFAIK contributing to the libraries is not that easy, the library guys are pushing the quality standards to the limits.

Thanks for the link. I’ll go through it. I did model my designs after ones already in KiCad so they were exact matches for the style. Of course it could be the ones I modeled after were very old and didn’t themselves match the conventions.

Recently the number of merge requests have exceeded 1000. The vast majority are for updates for the libraries.

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