Continous Integration with 3d consolidation

Hello everyone!

I’m making a project for my dad (an analog synth) and each of my modules consist of three PCBs.

Currently I manually export STEP and import to Fusion360 (of FreeCAD, this render is f360) and double check my mechanical constraints and render a previz.

I want to automatically export and join these STEP files and wondered if anyone has done something similar? If not, I guess I’ll read up on OpenCascade and make it myself.

For now, I’m looking for something that can take either three kicad_pcb files or three STEP files, and merge them given a propertyfile containing a transform of each or just a z translate.

I think that the “Assembly Workbench” in FreeCAD can import parts and orient them relative to each other. I think they’re now working on the 3rd or 4th iteration. I also think it can (semi?) atomatically import new versions of files, but I am not sure. I have not used this part of FreeCAD much myself.

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Thanks! I see now that FreeCAD also has scripting support.
Interesting :slight_smile:

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