Constraint region

I am currently using Kicad 6.0.4 Version.
Do Kicad has a features of the constraints region?
To define constraints in the particular area like BGA.
As in the BGA we set the different constraints like line to pad, and line to line as spacing between them is low.

Yes, use a Rule Area (button on right toolbar). There are some basic rules you can choose in the dialog that comes up but for more advanced rules you can disable all of the basic rules in the dialog, give the rule area a name, and then write custom rules that are specific to that rule area. See the documentation here: PCB Editor | 6.0 | English | Documentation | KiCad specifically the details of insideArea('area name').

Alternatively, if your constraints need to be applied inside the area of a specific chip (like BGA neckdown) you can skip the rule area and use the footprint’s courtyard instead with insideCourtyard('refdes'). Here’s an example from the documentation above:

(rule "BGA neckdown"
	(constraint track_width (min 0.2mm) (opt 0.25mm))
	(constraint clearance (min 0.05mm) (opt 0.08mm))
	(condition "A.insideCourtyard('U3')"))

I have checked this but this taking my default constraints only.
In Default constraint i have set track width 0.25mm and clearance of 0.2mm.

Try selecting one of your traces in the courtyard and clicking InspectConstraints Resolution…

Note that with your rules, the rule area does not need to be present since your rule condition is based on the U3 courtyard.

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…and you seem to have copied the rule blindly with “U3” while it should be the reference designator of your component. In your screenshot there is U**, so it looks like you haven’t annotated all symbols/footprints?

I have also try as you have mentioned but still it is taking default constraint.

I am attaching the screen shoot for your reference.


Could you post a stripped down project?

what is the meaning of it?

Can you post a project that I can download and play around with the project?

In the case that you can’t share your full project, perhaps you could delete a lot of the design and just include the single IC U1 that shows the problem.

Make sure whatever you share includes all of the project files, not just the .kicad_pcb file.

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