Constraining Graphic Line on Dwgs.User to 90/45 angles in PCBNew?

In pcbnew, is there a setting to constrain a “graphic line” on the Dwg.User layer to only allow the line to be drawn at +/- 90 and 45 degree angles?



The crtl key activates such a feature. (At least in 4.0.6 stable)

Excellent. That’s exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

Sorry to warm up this old topic. This seems not to work in Version 5 anymore. Is there an updated Shortcut for this feature?

Preferences->Pcbnew->Editing Options.

But Ctrl works, too - it reverses the behavior of that option.

The CRTL key is also used for panning (?) or something and you can experience slightly odd behavior.

When you want to draw an orthogonal line, just start drawing and let the line be a random small angle. You can also scroll wheel zoom in/out while drawing which make a long line easier.

When you get the cursor near the terminus, THEN Press and Hold CONTROL; it should jump to an orthogonal line.

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