Connettore RCA PCB MONO

CIAO A TUTTI, sono nuovo qui,
non riesco a trovare questo connettore RCA qualcuno sa dove trovarlo?
grazie in anticipo

I’m sure you can translate this to Italian.

eBay search:
AliExpress search:

There probably is not a standard form factor for the socket so buy the one you want and then measure it for your PCB design.

In russian:

Hmmm… that does not work for me either.

Ah, mucho buenos

If you go to the “Footprint Editor” in KiCad:

… then it has a search filter:

Unfortunately it does not help much in this case. I did a search for both “audio” and for “RCA” and I looked in the “Connector_Audio” library itself.

Connectors are the footprints with the most issues, there just are too many variants of them. And Indeed, apparently there are no RCA connectors in KiCad’s default libraries. KiCad does have a good editor for making footprints though, and I usually make footprints for such connectors myself. Some people like websites like but I have no experience with them myself.

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