Connector terminal block -3D


I am planning to use a two-position through-hole terminal block in my
circuit to connect power & ground, and another identical one to connect
the circuit’s two output terminals.

Here is a picture of this terminal block:

The PCB side of the device is two rectangular prongs, so I can just
put two holes in the PCB to fit them. The pitch between the centers
of these two prongs is 0.2 inches, or 5.08 mm.

I would like to add the 3D shape for the top side of this part. You can
see from the picture shown at the vendor website that the top is a bulky
plastic box, with only two congruent sides*, left and right. Its front
and back are different, because two wires must fit into the two square holes
on the front side (shown in picture). (This plastic box isn’t entirely in the
shape of rectangular box, but rather intermediate between the shape of a
rectangular box and the shape of a gambrel roof. A gambrel roof has a pointy
top, whereas this plastic box has a flat top to hold the heads of the screws

Can somebody explain to me how to do that? I want to input the 3D
geometry of this bulky plastic top, so that the kicad 3D viewer shows
it properly. It is obviously very important when laying out this PCB
to see how the two wires will need to fit into the overall 3D layout
of the enclosure. Is there an example of a simple 3D part added in a file
that I can copy onto my computer in such a way that the way that kicad 3D
viewer will display it on the top side of the board?

The three 2D isometric drawings (front-view, side-view, top-view) are shown
on the vendor’s website. But the top-view is wrong–it shows holes for
3 pins, whereas the device I am using only has 2 pins. (Must’ve been an
attempt to make a drawing for a device with n pins where n is 2 in my

If there’s a simpler way to do what I am planning, I’d love to hear it.

  • The two sides are only approximately congruent. In reality the right
    side has two small (1.0mm wide) vertical ridges that fit into two small
    vertical slots in the left side. This is so after a little bit of a strug-
    gle fitting the two ridges into the two slots, you can join together the two
    2-pin terminal blocks into one 4-pin terminal block, whilst preserving the
    5.08mm pin pitch among adjoining pairs of all 4 pins.

P.S. I don’t know what Step models or WRL models are.


Maybe dowload the 3D model?


you can download the 3D step model also from the manufacturer’s site


Thank you, eelik and maui. I just downloaded the stp file from the second URL.

$ ls Downloads/*.stp 
$ file Downloads/1716020000.stp
Downloads/1716020000.stp: ASCII text, with very long lines, with CRLF line terminators

Now how do I incorporate this file into kicad 5.0.0?


@Russ you only need to create your footprint and then edit proprieties and add the 3D file.
Here is a tutorial (with an old version of KiCad) that illustrate the process:


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