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I am working on a project where I am using two molex connectors. In the Eeschema view, I have a 5V input, a current sensor input, a brake sensor input, a BPSD Output, and a ground. When I convert to Kicad PCB, the ground becomes the 5V and is tracing to where the 5V input is going. Any ideas on why this is happening? I also have global labels on my wires in Eeschema and there is no ground global label on my PCB. The 5V Input and Ground are never directly connected, each are connected to a component. The ground and 5V Input are also on different connectors. Any help would be much appreciated.

In PCBnew the second symbol down on the right side is for net high lighting. Use that and see if that shows anything.


Pin 3 on the bottom should be Ground

Well, it’s clearly marked “5V_Input”. Can you show us the same thing in Eeschema, which is (cough, cough) what I meant. :slight_smile: (Home brew and wine making are one of my other hobbies and have NOTHING to do with this error!, I swear!)


I apologize for the schematic being a mess, but I personally do not see any issues. And no problem! I am just happy someone is willing to help!

Just posted about this. Seeing what you expect to see instead of what is there. IC1. VCC pin 3 IS connected to ground. EVERYTHING pink is GND as far as I can tell after a quick look. IC@ pin 5 also? Check your VCC very carefully.

You are a live saver! Thank you for catching that!

I meant Life not live

Seems to me that the 555 at IC3 is connected incorrectly. You have all 4 pins on the left all shorted together with junction dots.

Your schematic will be much cleaner and less error prone if you use power symbols for GND and VCC instead of connecting with wires.

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Well, you can get live help here…

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