Connector for footprint

I hereby certify that I am not simply asking someone else to design a footprint for me.

This is an auto-generated message that is in place on the “footprints” section of the forum. If I remove it and ask for a footprint to be designed anyway, I understand that I will be subject to forum members telling me to go design my own footprint or referring me to a 3rd party footprint site.

I used the Connector_PinHeader_2.00mm:PinHeader_1x10_P2.00mm_Vertical_SMD_Pin1Right

This footprint is in the standard library my board has been produced and now I’m trying to find a connector. I assumed that since it was in the standard library it would be an easy to find connector but now I’m not sure.

Does anyone have a go to connector for this footprint or know of one that works?

The fact that it’s in the standard library says nothing about its availability on the market. In fact many of the multiple pin footprints are automatically generated. It may or may not be easy to get a connector of N pins where N is some arbitrary number.

Usually people start from the other direction, they look for a connector that suits their design in characteristics (shape, number of pins, spacing, orientation) that can be purchased from the retailer of their choice, then they look for a footprint or make one, and maybe ditto for a 3D model.

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just to get you started. :wink:

They have selection drop downs. Good luck. :smiley:
EDIT: hmm. Looks like their smd’s are all double row. Probably makes sense from a mechanical connection stand point.
EDIT 2: Just looked at the footprint. You MIGHT be able to use a 20 pin, 2 row socket and not use all the pins if push comes to shove.

Designed to break off what you need.

Thank you very much.

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