Connector (1_14) footprint doesn't seem fit my actual component

The picture below shows the footprint I used in my layout. But when I printed my layout on paper, the drill size doesn’t seem to be big enough to fit my actual component.

Same with my Common Anode 4 digit seven segment display

SO ! Do I need to make a footprint of my own or is there some error in my way of evaluating the print.

_4 Digit Seven Segment Display used_ : VT542SRI-4

For Reference:

What pin diameter you got and what do the through hole pad diameters for that footprint say?

Pad properties .

I have 1.02 mm diameter pin.

Well that footprint is probably not made for your component then :wink:
One footprint can not be made to fit all possible components that could be used there.
That’s why most of us have our own tested personal libraries that fit our needs.

By the way is your display the same as specified in the footprint? (Same manufacturer, same type: Kingbright CA56-12 or CC56-12)
These are the parts for which the footprint is specified. It is not guarantied to fit any other part!

The manufacturer isn’t the same nor is the part name. So, I am making my own footprint then.

Thank you guys for replying to my novice level question.