Connecting pads and tracks

Hi KiCad users,
When placing tracks in Pcbnew I’d like the track ends to land in the center of a pad.
Here’s my current work flow.

  1. Select pad
  2. Right click pad and view properties
  3. Take screen capture
  4. Close pad properties
  5. Double click track to view properties
  6. Type Start and End Point X,Y values

Most times I’m not certain which is the start or end point of the line. My question is 2 parts.

  1. Can I modify the visual property of the track so I can quickly understand the start and end point?
  2. Or, am I doing this entirely wrong, and is there a better workflow when connecting pads and tracks?

As far as i know kicad snaps to the pad center by default so i am a bit confused as to why it would be necessary to edit tracks manually.

If it does not snap to the pad center for you then check the preferences -> general settings dialog of pcb_new.

Is it possible that you work without connectivity information? (Meaning without a schematic or some other way to define which pad should be connected with which other pad.)

Thanks Rene,
I checked my settings.
General Settings > Magnetic Tracks > When Creating Tracks
Today the tracks are snapping to the center points of the pads. I don’t know why the feature wasn’t working previously but now it seems active.

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