Connecting multiple footprints to a single component


Is it possible to have a component that is a single symbol in the schematic have multiple footprints that can be moved around independently on the PCB design?

An example use case for this is through hole components with long leads (this diode or this transistor for example) that can be bent however I want too as long as the pads are close enough together and there aren’t other parts in the same physical space.

It would be even better if there was some way to require the pads to be within a certain distance of each other, but that is such a specific feature that I will be surprised if it exists.

If not, I can always just make two or three symbols for the component, but I would prefer to have a single symbol if it is possible.


No there is no way of having multiple footprints assigned to a symbol at once.

I personalty would not even suggest it for the usecase you show. Make a few footprints for common pitches. This allows you to have a defined part outline on the silk and fab layer and a defined courtyard. While designing the footprint you are also able to take into account that these leads have a limited length which makes it harder for the layouter to screw up.


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