Connect two pads on both top and bottom copper


I cannot figure out how to connect two pads with a trace on both the top and bttom copper layers of a 2-sided board.

For example, Pad A is onccected to Pad B on the top layer. If I place a track on the bottom layer connecting the two pads the trace on the top layer is deleted.

Can someone clarify what I’m doing wrong?


What you’re doing wrong would be not searching this forum for the answer before posting your question. :wink:

The same question was just asked and was the fourth topic from the top of the list before you asked your question.

Thanks, please don’t be so quick to judge… I did see that but it does not seem to work consistently. I tried disabling “Auto delete old track” and it seems to have worked once but when I tried to add a trace to a second set of pads it still deleted the old trace.

Any suggestions?

I did add a :wink: to show I wasn’t being overly serious.

That bit of information would of been useful in your first post. You could also have added your question to the other thread as it is related.

As for suggestions, I’ve never had that feature not work properly. I would double check everything and if the issue is consistent, and no one else has any ideas, you could raise a bug report. What version of KiCad are you using?

I’m using version 4.0.6

I’ve tried with the icon highlighted and with the icon not highlighted and the results are the same.


Have you tried in both legacy canvas and OpenGl canvas? (press F11 to select OpenGl, F9 for legacy)

I have always used that feature in legacy, just tried it in OpenGl and it seems to behave as you describe.

OK, that works in legacy mode. Too bad it does not work in the OpenGL mode.The legacy mode does not seem to offer the ability to change the track width on the fly. In the OpenGL mode there is a right-click option to change the track width.

Yes, it is disappointing! Perhaps you can raise a bug report if it is not already reported. If you do link it back here so others can add their voice to it.

Thanks for helping me narrow this down. I appreciate you taking the time.

I may submit a bug report.