Connect to part outside schematic

How do you point to another object that you will connect to if it is not in the present schematic? For example, I want to show a line leaving from a transformer (on the schematic) to a vacuum fluorescent display which is not on the schematic? A flag if you will?

Quite often connectors (or solder pads or whatever) are used to connect wires to a PCB, and then you can draw the connector in the schematic to put it on the PCB.

If you want to put some part on the schematic, but suppress it on the PCB (For example a potentiometer that is mounted in a front panel), then you can edit the part and check the Exclude from board attribute of that part:

That is the “new” method in KiCad V6. In older (ie V5) versions of KiCad you can modify the RefDes. I think it was adding an asterisk to the RefDes but I’m not sure. It’s probably in the manual, Select Schematic Editor / Help / Help from the main menu.


Maybe just a graphical line and some text?
If the part does not actually appear on the schematic you could just draw a line with text that says “To VFD”

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