Connect pcb with schematic


I imported an eagle pcb file into kicad, and it works pretty well!

To re-create a complete project, I can make the schematic from scratch. But my question is: how can I generate, import, keep the netlist names, from the PCB to the schematic? is it possible to generate a footprint library from the pcb?

I never did something like this, and I dont know how is the best way to proceed with this.

any experience importing projects from eagle?

thank you very much!

I don’t think there is a way to do it ‘backwards’, sorry. But maybe others know something I don’t… quite often the case :flushed:

What happens when you right-click onto a footprint and select open with footprint editor (direct way: [Ctrl]+[E])?

A flat ‘no’ to your third question, but others have. Good luck!

Well,I dont know if I have to generate it backwards, but at least, some way to connect it or to know if everything is okey. Like a list of missing nets from the project schematics, etc.

About the footprint, yes, I can create it one by one, but I think it would be a nice idea to have a simple “create footprint library from pcb document”. Some PCB boards are quite dense and maybe I can miss some footprint, etc.

Do you think these are reasonable features and they can be posted in launch pad?

Thank you!

Did you see this?

That’s why I asked if you can edit the footprint, as I have no idea how the stuff from Eagle turns up in KiCAD/PCBnew… if it resembles a footprint at all, you know? Never done that, no need to yet :wink:

Please note the words ‘active library’, so be careful which one is active when you do this.

Judging from the Eeschema file format, it doesn’t associate nets at the .sch file level. It’s only a collection of parts, labels, and wires. Pcbnew on the other hand associates each pin of each component with a net at the .kicad_pcb level.

It would not be a trivial task to add this functionality to Eeschema: you’d be better off writing a conversion tool to change Eagle .sch to Eeschema .sch.

Kicad’s project leader and some others are working on changes to Eeschema and its file format for the next release.