Connect Lib: No PS/2 - Din_6? (Mouse/Keyboard Socket)

Hi there

Could someone please point me in the right direction in regards to finding/inserting (PS/2) Mini Din_6 footprint? Seems I only have the option of Din_5.


Search in the Renie S. Marquet libraries:


Even if you find one in a library you need to check it against the manufacturer’s datasheet for the specific part you plan to use. If you don’t find a matching footprint then standard procedure would be to make one and then perhaps submit it for inclusion in a library.

Example 1: 6 Pin Mini-DIN Through hole
Example 2: 6 Pin Mini-DIN SMT


Thanks for the link. Interesting site :slight_smile:

It’s the standard through-hole PS/2 connector (ordered cheaply from Ebay). Appreciate your advice.

A quick search finds 4 different through-hole mini-DIN 6 footprints and I doubt any of them qualify as “standard”. But since you have the part in hand I’m sure you will take some measurements and verify the footprint.


The link/foot print keruseykaryu proved is the business (exactly what I was looking for). I’ve always assumed that; PC motherboard manufacturers would use an industry standard. I have taken your (appreciated) advice on board, and will double check measurements.

Thanks for all the help.

The high volume users like Dell, HP, ASUS etc become the standards. Unfortunately they are rarely the same

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