Confusion in 1210 led footprint

I am using 1210 smd led for lamp. I am little confuse about the footprint about LED. In the kicad footprint looks different and in the actual package looks different.
In the kicad i can see following footprint for the led

and i baught following led.

will this footprint work for me or i need look for different one.

The description of your Ali diodes is:

5 Values* 20pcs=100PCS Bright 3528 1210 SMD LED Kit Red/Green/Blue/Yellow/White 20pcs Each LED Diode

And without a real datasheet, that’s all you can look at.
The Footprint name text is also not fully visible in your screenshot. I assume it is:


That footprint is made for a LED which is 3.2mm long and 2.5mm wide (The 3225Metric text), while the Ali LEDS are 3.5 * 2.8mm. So the footprint you selected is a bit too small for these LED’s.

I had a look at other available footprints in KiCad’s default LED_SMT library, and none seem to fit these Ali LED’s. So you can either select a different size of LED, or do as BobZ recommends and make your own Footprint, or modify an existing one. Having the Pads a big on the largish side is also indeed easier for hand soldering (which is why the “Handsoldering” footprints have big pads).

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I have never bought from Ali Express; I cannot find a datasheet. Metric 3528 sounds a little large for 1210 size. Is it too late to change your pcb footprint?

Your 3d drawing…is that the maximum component size placed over the KiCad pad layout?

I like to use oversize/fatter pads which could fit parts which are somewhat larger or smaller. This works well for limited hand assembly; I suspect that you are not building 1000’s if you are buying 20 from Ali Express. It is easy to make your own footprints and I recommend that you give it a try.

I have more problems with commercial board assembly with smd leds than any other part, especially polarity. A combination of inconsistent pin 1 and strange manufacturers markings keeps biting

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I have sufficient time to prepare one. i think i should prepare one. i have got footprint data…

I agree about the markings on SMT LEDs. Manufacturers tend to mark the bottom. But…I have an ON Semi 6 pin SC-70 NL7SZ97 logic gate on which (for the life of me) I cannot see the dot for pin 1. Fortunately I was able to barely make out which way the other marks were upright.

For me they look like PLCC2 LEDs and not 1210.
And KiCad has LED_PLCC-2 footprint.

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I am choose those LED’s randomely. looks like they are PLCC2 package only.

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