Confusing electrical rules check (for me anyway) please

Hi All
This is part of an ongoing project I have going and basically I’m making a ‘RGB. LED tester’ for a 3d cube. This as been my first project using Kicad and in the most I’m really likeing it.

BUT… at this moment the ‘Electrical rules test’ is sending me nutts!! perhaps because I dont fully understand the rules. please see the errors (3) of which I cannot personally find any issues. I’ve chacked joints etc. What ever I try and do it moves the fault on to another joint.

Sorry about VDD on p16b my typo error, I’m going to alter to Vcc.:blush:

Please advise.

Thin I sorted it, the GND pin was incorectly given the wrong electrical type, but what shout the pin of GRD. electrical type be?
I still have a couple of issues with power inputs.

Just cheked here, mine are all “Power input”

Cheers for that. Its sending me crazy but when I have multiples of exactly the same circuits repeated yet a couple of the power checks say ‘Pin conected to some others but nothing to drive it’ yet not on the others?

Many thanks

Also when I slove one of the two issue a new one comes up that wasn’t there before, think its just having me for a laugh,

What Andy says, that power_flg stuff was driving me nuts when I started out with KiCAD many years ago. Now I just add them always, for good measure :slight_smile:

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So power flag +v and GRD. attached to two flags sorted the issue. Its a learnng curve and I’ve deffo learned somthing very usful their.
Many thanks Andy

Yeah driving me potty it was, many thanks for this, I’m well on the way now.

Just to say thanks for all your advice it was a really big help.
While I’m here cananyone point out where I can get footprint fr a Arduino Uno from? I’d like to add headers but must be exact to line up.

Do you have a layout/schematic already that you want to reuse or starting from scratch?

Starting from scratch:

  • open KiCAD
  • click on ‘Create Project from Template’
  • select the new projects folder (create one)
  • select the arduino uno template

Pro: it’s done in seconds
Con: Can use it for adding a uno footprint to your pre-existing layout

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Wow so many yet undiscovered levels to Kicad, many thanks.
So can I place the pcb. layout straight in to my existing layout, import or somthing or do I add it to the schema first?

Many thanks for this.

You create a new project with the template and then you can copy your existing schematics into that project.
This way you won’t be able to reuse the layout though.

If you had an arduino uno part with footprint of the module you could just get that into the schematic/layout and keep moving though…

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Hi thanks for that.
What I was hoping for is to be able to put an already created footprint/layout in to the pcb.i have running at the mo. I’ve created the new project from the Arduino template it was as you say easy and fast. it opened up in pcb. with the componants already placed. All I want to do at the moment is use the arduino layout as a guide to place the headers taht are already on my pcb.project.

For that you need at least an arduino uno footprint.
I don’t have one, but you can always create it yourself… not that problematic.
And when you want to hook up the connectors via the schematic you need a symbol (part) that matches the footprint pinout.

Example for a RPi (part/symbol and footprint):

RPi.lib (2.1 KB)

PCB_RPi-2B.kicad_mod (9.6 KB)