Confused over *.stf file in template


So I just about got to grips with the PcbNew Module libraries and now another spanner is in the works.
I have an existing design and decided to add a micro onto the circuit rather than on a separate board.

It seems that the microchip PICxx devices have to be added by hand, as they are not entered automatically.

Is this intentional or some kind of bug under Windows7 64 bit?


PCBnew only holds the footprints, e.g. a 26 pin DIP package, it is in the schematic where it holds the pinouts of most PIC microcontrollers, and describes the functions of the pins.


Thanks, I re-posted this in error (wrong button again) with the wrong title, but maybe I did not word it very well originally.

I tried to add a PIC micro into a circuit as originally it was on a daughter board.

The number of PIC devices in the schematic libraries is very small, and they are all interface ICs.

The version prior to V4 had many Pic Micros, so I have imported them. I just wondered why they have not been transferred to the newer libraries.


The following libs (that should be on your system) are available:

  • microchip_pic10mcu.lib
  • microchip_pic12mcu.lib
  • microchip_pic16mcu.lib
  • microchip_pic18mcu.lib
  • microchip_pic24mcu.lib
  • microchip_pic32mcu.lib

They might not be added to your projects automatically. (Only a few of the “installed” libs are added by default.)
But they should exist in kicads system directory. (/usr/share/kicad/library under linux. somewhere under c:/ for windows.)
You can add them to your project manually. If you want them included in all your projects you have to add them to the default template. More details in this old thread:



I did eventually find them. I was misled by the fact that the PcbNew footprint wizard loads up absolutely everything by default, so I expected that the eschema library would do similar things. Wrong again!

Thanks for your help as always.