Confused about canvas and colour


I am using 4.0.7 built from source, still at the learning stage.

PCBnew GL canvas seems to bring up a grid of lines rather than dots ? Confusing, and unusable on my display as the grid colour is overpowering.
I’ve found under “Render” I can turn the grid off, but really I want my dots back… failing that I assumed I could change the grid colour by clicking or double clicking the colour box next to the “Grid” Item in “Render”, but nothing happens. I would expect some sort of colour selector to pop up ? How do I change the grid line colour or get dots back in GL mode?



In kicad v4 you can not select if you want lines or dots for the grid in the open gl canvas. (This will be added in v5)
You can change the color by middle clicking on the colored square next to the layer name. (this works for all layers)


lol ! Yes, that did it - thanks… I forget the mouse has a middle click I use it so rarely!

Still not a cure though, as “Gray1” us still too bright, is that a config file option or something I can change in the GUI?



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