Conflict problem between pins. Severity: error (Yet again!)

I have this simple circuit,

and gets the following error from the DRC,


The “Pin not connected” warnings are understandable. But what’s the workaround for pins 1 and 2 being connected ? Both pins drive the same signal.

Why can’t KiCad individually dismiss such “conflicts” and pass the DRC check ? We can have a list of dismissed errors in that case.

Badly defined component.
Pins AO1, AO2, BO1, BO2 should be defined only as Output, NOT Power Output.

Electrical type of schematic symbol pins (KiCad 4 and KiCad 5) section Connecting Multiple (Power) Output Pins

Would not make a difference here

So I have two options,

  1. Ignore the warnings.
  2. Edit the symbol from the standard (?) library.

In the first case, say I have 100 different type of errors of which some are these kind of conflict errors. So wouldn’t it be sensible to have a feature to dismiss/suppress such known errors and pass the ERC check ? How is one supposed to deal with multiple types of such errors reported by the ERC and get around the problem otherwise ?

Errors such as supply pins being connected to GND, or pins not connected are indeed important warnings and errors which should be corrected depending on the type of pins.

You can do it if you know what errors you want to overlook.
ERC icon, option tab shows you the error table.

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The correct way to go here is to fix the symbol. There will always be some mistakes in the official library. So you will from time to time need to correct something by having a copy in your personal lib.


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In the end ERC and DRC are very different tools.
DRC is a strong warning that your PCB has errors that are likely to make it not manufacturable.
Every DRC error needs to be carefully thought about.
ERC is a hint to the designer that there may be problems in the design, it cannot do the electronic design for you. The example of multiple output pins connected together is a typical weakness of the tool

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Makes sense. Thanks.

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