Conductor tracks without angle limitation

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I’m relatively new to Kicad and I’m from Eagle. It works quite well so far, but unfortunately I can’t find any information in any documentation how to lay tracks freely. I know you can draw them freely afterwards, but I would like to lay them like eagle, not only at an angle but completely free as lines.

Thanks in advance for your answers.

click to route a trace, right click and select interactive router settings,
select highlight collisions and tick free angle mode.

can now route or re-route at any angle, I usually use this to make my boards more curvy when space constained.

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Thanks for your fast Answer, now it function.

I must say, in eagle it this much better and easier.

I’m not very experienced in Eagle, what is the difference that makes it easier ?

Yes, with Eagle you have the possibility to make very free tracks with curves and free angles. Specialy the curve functions I use for a lot of boards. It is very recommended for high frequencies and close to microcontrollers.

Curved tracks are coming for v6 (within a year or so, we hope). Free angles are already possible and easy, it’s unclear to me how in Eagle that would be “much better and easier”. But I don’t know Eagle.

Curved tracks can already be incorporated in the layout with the help of this plug-in.

Whilst I can see the value of curved traces for RF purposes, I am unclear why @Weiser is in a need for random free tracks as opposed to orthogonal traces. Is this for an ‘artistic layout’? Otherwise, I’m pretty sure the electrons don’t mind.

Eagle comes out of a grafical editing program. Therefore it is very easy to route a track between two connections. In fly you can change the width, the direction, the style (90°, 45°, curves, what kind of curve, the layer) and so on. You don’t have to do another step after routing.Thats one of the very comfortable things of Eagle.
But I am very interested in KiCAD and I will try the RF-tools. I think there are a lot of additional functions for this program which I don’t know now. Thanks for the link.

In which case you might find this list of plugins and ancillary programs of interest.

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