Components not loading

Hi! I am new to this and to KiCad and my project is from a previous designer but the EESCHEMA won’t load!

Attached is the screenshot of the ERROR. My KiCad Version is 4.0.7

I would greatly appreciate any help with this matter or any input.

What version of kicad are you running?
What version did the original creator of that project use?

Right now i would guess the original project was made from the version 4 libraries (from the library names.)
You seem to run 4.0.7. So if you have the libs installed correctly you should not get this message. Is it possible that you did not install libraries? (Some linux distributions have a separate package for the libraries)

Yes Rene!
I am using Linux. How do I install them libraries please?


Using your package manager. Just search for kicad* instead of kicad.

If this is not an option then you need to manually download the files from the kicad website (There is a library section with download pages) or directly from github. Just make sure you download the 4.0.7 version not the 5.0.0 as the later will not be the one expected by the project. (And it is not compatible with kicad 4.0.7. But this is beside the point here.)

Then extract the library to one of the search paths listed in the component libraries dialog (bottom most part of it) that is found in either eeschema or symbol editor under the preferences menu.

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