Components missing xy locations in .pos pick&place file


My .pos file is missing some components, mainly footprints I have created. How do I ensure these footprints have the x/y information required for pick & place …

Many thanks in advance …


Set the attribute correctly.

This is found in the footprint properties dialog. The names depend on the kicad verison.

In kicad 4 they where known as:

  • Normal (For through hold components -> will not appear in the pos file, )
  • Normal plus insert (For SMD parts -> will appear in the pos file)
  • Virtual (Mostly for things like logos, edge connectors, … everything that has no component -> will not appear in the pos file)

In kicad 5 they are named:

  • Through hole (Not in the pos file)
  • Surface mount (will be in the pos file)
  • Virtual (Definitely not in the pos file)

You can also use the Virtual for “Do not install” components.

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Thanks, I am on Version 5, that did the trick.

I presume for pick&place I need to reference the exact middle of the component as well, how do I set rotation? I did not see a setting for that?


The rotation is set by rotating the library part onto the Pcb.
This means that the library part must have the correct initial orientation.

Zero Orientations

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