Components libraries issues

Where do I get, if available, components libraries?

Particularly transistor types, diodes, fets and also dual fets. Can I import other libraries from other programs?

For now I’m in the schematic learning, but soon will pass on to pcb design for that schematic.

It’s quite likely I will have to design some specific parts too, that might not be available for the precise size I will need, particularly passive parts. That’s for pcb, of course.

Any info already filed on that matter?



Have you given this any thought before posting?
KiCad comes with some 5GiB of libraries, although admitted most of the size is for 3D models. All the basic parts are there though, from all regular SMT resistors and capacitors, lots of transistors, soic etc. Just start the Footprint Editor, and browse through what is available by default:

Other sources for libraries:

  • Search this forum. Plenty of info concerning footprints.
  • Digikey has made / collected a bunch of libraries for their parts.
  • You can extract Footprints from other projects you find.
  • Plenty of stuff on github / gitlab etc.
  • There are sites which specialize in making / distributing PCB Footprints.

There are of course always Footprints which are not available. KiCad also has a quite good editor for making custom footprint if you need them. There are also some “wizards” for making footprints build into KiCad, These can generate footprints for some quite normal footprints such as DIP or BGA, but there are also some weird wizards for Touch sliders and bar codes.

The wizards are also relatively small python scripts, so you can study them, make copies and create your own footprint wizards.

If you can not find many built in schematic symbols and/or footprints, there is a chance you have simply not installed them. In some installations the footprint libraries are not installed by default and have to be installed as a separate package.

Which version and system are you using?
Have you installed the official libraries?

Most likely not.

Well these are quite easy to make :wink:

Just in case you did not know it, KiCad separates symbols and footprints. Most components come in standardized packages for which one can use standardized footprints. The KiCad approach therefore allows you to have one footprint for such a standardized package that is then used by any number of symbols. See What is the difference between footprints and symbols?

The official library takes the approach of providing generic symbols for these in the Device lib. You then select the correct footprint for your component after placing the symbol. See How can i assign a footprint to a symbol?

If you want fully specified symbols then you will most likely need to make them yourself. So if you want symbols with order info plus footprint connection filled out in the library (The official lib will never include order info as we can not fill out the order info for every possible distributor and it would not be fitting to select only one distributor).

There are however a few fully specified symbols for transistors and diodes in the Diode and Transistor libraries. (Without order info of course!)

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