Components Database, available for Cooperations


Hi, I just wanted to ask straight out. My Company has interest in gathering data for their components database.

Components as in microcontroller, etc.

Do you know any good ideas, or decent sources?


Do you mean corporations?

Most public part data is either Open Source or proprietary. Open Source data tends to have strings attached that companies do not like, proprietary data source (e.g. Samacsys) tend to charge for their work.

Obviously there are manufacturer data sheets you can gather data from, but your probably looking for data ready to use in KiCad.

tldr; there is no magic part data tree.


For instance,
DigiKey has an online components database which is accessible through API according to their forum. But I was un clear how to reach and use the API.


Well there is KiCost for example:


Thanks alot Rene. And sorry, yes topic is suppose to say cooperations. I didnt saw the topic when o replied earlier . Hope no hard feeling bobc :slight_smile:

We , at least I, am abit unused to Python but this seems like a great example to start learning it.


Octopart has an API which is fairly straightforward to access.

There are some very simple examples here
and a nice tutorial here with examples in Bash, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, VB.NET and C#.

Datasheets & parameters are fairly straightforward to parse. There is also lots of up to date pricing data.

There is also a Node wrapper here


No, not offended at all :slight_smile: “Cooperations” doesn’t make any sense in English in this context, so I wondered what you are really asking.