Component with pads on an inner layer for stripline microwave filters

The attached footprint is an example of my method of handling microwave filters on an outer layer. Pads 1 and 3 are the input and output, 2 is ground and the polygons serve as net ties.

My problem is that I’d like to move all of this to inner1. If I just change the layer in a text editor, I get “could not find valid layer for pad”. Any ideas how to make inner layer pads able to connect to inner layer traces.

If I do have to get into the code, where would I need to make changes to allow this?

idbpf_b6.kicad_mod (4.0 KB)

I think it is not possible.

Keep pins 2 as they are and draw zones in the inner layer for pins 1 and 3 and the polygons. There is no need to give numbers to pin1 and pin3 since they cannot be soldered to anything in an inner layer. Only net names to the zones.

One zone for pin 1 and its polygons and another for pin 3 and its polygons.

That workaround would work, but I have 24 filters like this and it would be too error prone connecting the signals.

I’m going to look into the code to see what it will take to add support for doing this right. The fact that a pad can’t be soldered to doesn’t mean it’s not useful.

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You might want to ask at the mailing list about this. I guess there is already some plan in place to support this.

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