Component unlock in V8.0.2

On PCB in V7.0.0 I was unable to select one of multipin components I wanted to unlock. I upgraded to V8.0.2 since lock/unlock bug was reported in V7.0.0. Still I was unable to unlock that component which I locked accidentally.
Heres is simple solution. Select one of pins of locked component, “delete” pin, component is automaticaly highlighted, select UNLOCK icon in tool bar.

Just in case, did you select the unlock filter on the right side of the screen ?


Thank you very much. I overlooked that selection filter check box.
Just for info, my work around is not working on vias.

I had the same issue. When I was shown how the “selection filter” works it was an epiphany for me. Now I use the selection filter as kind of a “lock” on all the items not selected, a great time saver.