Component rotations done in pcbnew aren't reflected in 3Dview

I’m a newbie, pretty low on the learning curve. I’m trying to create an Arduino Uno shield. Got a shield library from github. Want to add pin headers. I’ve added a conn1x6 and wired it to analog pins. When I go to pcbnew and rotate it so it’s parallel to the line of shield pins, it looks like it works in pcbnew, but 3d view doesn’t show it rotated. Please help. Thanks.

Open your footprint alone and look at the 3d view of it. Is the 3d model rotated correctly in relation with the footprint?

If this is not the problem could you post a screenshot of the 3d viewer and one of pcb_new? Make sure the problematic part is clearly visible.

Maybe also rotate the footprint in pcb_new and open the 3d viewer. Observe the changes.

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Rene, thanks So Much for your reply! I’ve done screen shots and will see if I can get them posted. I rotated the footprint in pcbnew and the 3D view rotates with it. That is, no matter how I rotate the footprint in pcbnew, the 3D view always shows the footprint at 90deg from the line of the holes. “Open your footprint alone” ? Did I mention I was a newbie? Don’t know how to do that. Have searched the net forums etc and have found some links to investigate and may be able to figure it out, but thought I’d get this posted right away. Thanks again.

Of course, I expect the 3D module to rotate within the footprint.
As Rene says, you need to edit the footprint, rotate the 3D module with the editor and save the footprint.

Maybe I’m too old and old fashioned, but instead of investigate and search the forums, why don’t take a look at the manual? Pcbnew Chapter 13 Footprint Editor - Creating and Editing Footprints :wink: I do reckon it is faster.

“When at first you don’t succeed, read the instructions???” LOL
Thanks for the reminder. I started with the “Getting started” tutorial but forgot the rest of the documentation existed. Palm-of-hand-slapping-forehead-while-uttering-“Doh”
I’ll dig into it with confidence I’ll find the answers. Thanks again.

As per your screenshots, this is a philosophy problem.
The footprint center for TH components is at pin 1, the 3D model has the center at it’s boundary box center.
Different generations of files.

I’d suggest you try to update your footprint libraries + 3D models.


The new PinHeaders footprint got accepted yesterday and the new models got accepted in the kicad_library repo a minute ago :slight_smile: still waiting in the Packages3d repo though but should be accepted in no time