Component outline transparency

I’m creating a 4-layer pcb. All the compnents are on the top layer. I have fills on all layers.

When I turn off the visibility of the top layer to view any or all of the other layers the components are seen as ‘ghosts’. This is a good thing but I want to make them more ghostly ! ie. I would like to make them more transparent. I find them a bit too visually intrusive.

Is there a way to do this ?

I’m not sure what you mean with “Ghostly”.

If you turn off a copper layer, then the pads on that copper layer are turned off for the footprints, but the other layers (silkscreen, Solder mask, Fab layer, etc) are still visible normally. At least, I thought so. A short test shows that both the F.Mask and F.Paste layer become partly transparent.

If you double click on the colored rectangle in the Appearanse Manager you can select a color for that layer, and you can also set the opacity of that layer with the slider on the right side of the Color Picker window.


I didn’t know you could double-click the colour swatch.

I created a new theme and used the slider. Cheers.

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