Component 3D model with image

I use FreeCAD with KiCadStepUp to create a 3D model of a component that is associated with a footprint I’ve created in KiCad. This works as expected.
Apparently it is somehow possible to add a picture to a 3D model, I’ve seen screenshots of such examples.
Though, I have a hard time figuring out how people do that.
This post seems relevant, but it is something like a lookout what might be possible in the future (from 2018 perspective).
Tinkering with image planes and whatnot in FreeCAD wasn’t fruitful for me.

Is there a beaten path to 3D models with images? Any pointers appreciated.

Pictures are NOT vector graphics, so I don’t know how you would do scaling of a photo. The photo would only be from some arbitrary reference point. It is only 2D, not 3D. Generating a 3D model from multiple 2D images is a topic for another (unknown) group. IMHO

FreeCAD has some ability to do surface textures which could possibly make a CAD model more photo realistic, but I’ve never tried that with a STEP file.

Not clear to me if you want a Temporary Image on model or, Permanent to be exported with the Step.

Temporary is simple (example below show Image and Texture-Map (with the Image too).

Permanent, well, that’s a different beast in FreeCad. Other CAD’s have better capability…

EDIT: I looked at the posted link and see it doesn’t appear to have a “Picture” but, rather a 3D extrusion (perhaps it’s just a picture of a 3D image)…

Regardless, if what you’re interested in is to have an image that can be drawn and extruded for a Kicad part, then check out my posted video for a Capacitor.… simple to do and different ways to do it (the 'extruded text)- if you’re a CAD Catia user you’ll get the idea for your image… (extrude or cut just enough to differentiate the surfaces so as to avoid color bleeding).

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