Complex pads and Freerouting

An interesting commit:

This should allow Freerouting to be used with more than round or rectangular pads

And some interesting commits for the internal push and shove router.
It looks like it will respect edge cuts and keep out zones soon. A very welcome feature

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Very positive news. Have you noticed if the P&S router will remember/honor differential pair routing? If you don’t know, no biggie. Don’t do a deep research project for something that I’m not willing to surf through the bug tracker for. I also don’t want to side track this thread too much…

I’m only using the published stable (4.0.7 as of this writing) and if I want to use P&S routing and diff. pair routing I have to remember to do the diff. pair routing last as the P&S would split up my carefully routed pairs.

Definitely! Failure to honor the edge cuts, and keepouts, is a bug from my perspective. It’s not an opportunity to add a new feature, so I hope the code you mentioned will make it into the version 5 release.


They are in the main source tree.
I agree that it is a bug

As of r9486 the PSR now obeys edge cuts and keep out zones :tada:

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